Provides communities with the means to promote Programs & Services essential to the growth of individuals and families across the country. Our aim is to provide additional support to Churches, Community Centers, Government agencies, Support groups, and Businesses; Looking to further increase Grenada’s overall way of living.

Our Platform Highlights:

  1. Community Events 
  2. Programs/Courses

              (Aim at providing Certifications, Career Development & Skilled Trade Training, and Tutoring)

  1. Public Health Bulletins 
  2. Social  Services Programs 

(Geared at promoting Community & Social development across the Nation)

Getting more Programs & Services outlets noticed across Grenada has never been easier. 

How to get started:

  1. Click Post Free Ad
  2. Select “Offering” 
  3.  Then “Community Help
  4. Choose your Category  
  5. Fill in Ad details
  6. Post Your Ad

You’ll now be connected to more Individuals & Families seeking assistants throughout the Nation with no expense. 

Expanding the reach of assistance to more homes across the Nation.

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